Apprentice (AGE 6-12)

Apprentice (AGE 6-12)

Apprentice classes (age 6-12)

Today, the school environment is often a tense environment for children. With the increasing negative influence of gangs and cliques, children are torn between doing what is right and being part of the group.

Our students’ parents tell us that the martial arts program has done wonders in helping their children stay grounded and not lose confidence in the face of ever-increasing pressure and tension. Many say that our martial arts school, through its family atmosphere, gives children a chance to feel an invaluable sense of belonging and acceptance. This helps reduce the need to belong to a school peer group with behaviour problems or to a youth gang.

In fact, this is what our students’ parents say they appreciate the most. After all, who wouldn’t want to know that their child can cope with almost any situation? That’s not all. Our students and their parents also tell us that self-confidence makes a huge difference in their relations with others, both at school and at home. Moreover, they feel very fit.

Martial arts are ideal for developing your children’s character, motivating them to excel and make an effort in all situations. In addition, the classes enable children to develop the leadership skills they need to cope with negative peer pressure and succeed in today’s world. So if your children don’t finish what they start, can’t concentrate for very long, get angry quickly, lack confidence, need role models to follow, place them in our hands. Our instructors are specialized in the development and full realization of children’s potential.

Improving self-confidence and physical fitness…

That’s a perfect combination! With Karaté sportif, you will have the best of both worlds. Through our classes, your children will feel safer. Our goal, however, is much more than self-defence. We teach anger management and peaceful conflict-solving. We develop vital concentration skills and build confidence and self-esteem through our comprehensive personal development program.
- Respect: “I respect my commitments… I am an expert in instructions.”
– Personal discipline: “I do important things first.”
– Perseverance: “I finish what I start.”
– Control: “I control my anger and my emotions.”
– Politeness: “”I say thank-you as many times as I say please.”
– Confidence: “I say NO to what is bad for me.”
– Self-esteem: “I am able to succeed.”

But the best way you can see that our school is beneficial for your child is to come to a class.

Let us prepare the future of our children!