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  • Karaté sportif has strengthened our family ties.

    Anthony et Jean-François
  • Karate sportif has given us a chance to better understand our children's behaviour.

    Famille Raymond
  • Karaté sportif has strengthened our family ties.

  • Karate sportif is centred around me. We learn that it isn't necessary to be the best, but rather to give the best of oneself.

  • Informed of the unique Karate sportif program and its Foundation, a Youth Protection worker applied to the Foundation to allow a child to practise sport karate. The request was accepted and, since then, the social worker and the reception centre have noted a decrease in disruptive behaviour. At the Karate sportif school, the instructors saw a youngster who was motivated and dedicated to the sport and who developed a sense of belonging with other students and instructors.

  • A family who practised sport karate informed the school director that they were going to drop out of karate. The father had lost his job and the family's financial situation had become unstable. The director knew the family well and knew how much karate contributed to the child's motivation and development. He immediately launched a sponsor request, which was quickly accepted.

  • A boy had participated in the "I am the hero of my life" class during a pedagogical day at his school. This boy had been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. After the class, he asked his mother if he could do karate, which was a first request from him. His mother contacted one of the sport karate schools and he was able to enrol. After a few classes, the mother came to meet the school director with tears in her eyes, to tell him that it was the first time that her son had continued to show interest in attending classes of any kind. She had tried several times before in other disciplines, but nothing seemed to appeal to her son.

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Through Karaté Sportif, we can create a surprising change in your child’s behaviour: good manners, good habits, super attitudes, anger management and self-control, preventive health, etc.