Masters club

Masters club

A Black Belt is invaluable.

It symbolizes success and the achievement of surpassing oneself.

It represents a few years of practice in a unique discipline.

It demonstrates progress and personal development.

It is the result of: perseverance, respect, commitment and effort.

It is intended as an inspiration in the quest to reach a specific goal: To become a better person.

Karate practitioners (called karatekas) are worthy of surpassing themselves and practising at their own pace “I am a Black Belt, everything becomes possible.”

To reach the even higher level of 2nd Dan: Students must persevere and perfect their skills during a fixed period of 2 years after earning their Black Belt.

To reach the yet higher rank of 3rd Dan: The fixed period is 3 years after attaining the 2nd Dan.
– The period is 4 years for reaching the 4th Dan.

And so on and so forth until the 10th Dan.

This period must be a commitment to precision, perfecting and learning new techniques. Students will be able to specialize and expand their martial arts areas of expertise.