kickboxing GKS

kickboxing GKS

Kickboxing makes you feel good, that’s what it does. Its jabs, straights, hooks, uppercuts and kicks release your accumulated stress and daily toxins from an unbalanced diet. The release is total, the body purification extreme and the fitness it provides is undeniable. After completely Zen kickboxing training, you are ready to get going in life.


Kickboxing, invented by the Japanese after the 1964 Olympic Games, is one of the most complete sports that combines boxing techniques and kicks inspired by karate. In Quebec, kickboxing has been popularized by Jean-Yves Thériault, a world champion in 1980 who succeeded in maintaining his title for over 15 years. Today, kickboxing is practised by an increasing number of enthusiasts in Quebec.


“The pride I feel is like the greatest feats; I’m exhausted, but totally calm,” says 31-year-old Annie, who has gone from spinning to kickboxing. Christian, age 34, has lost over 35 kilos in 6 months and says that the course supervision and the instructors, champions of enthusiasm, make him forget all his office worries and frustrations.”

For all fights

“We are real warriors of life,” humbly states Martin Giroux, sport kickboxing instructor in Laval. Modern man has to face life’s struggles: job losses, the death of a loved one or marital breakdown. People succeed in coming into contact with their inner selves through intense training. They connect with themselves and learn to know their physical and psychological limits.” That’s how kickboxers build confidence, regardless of what they have to face. Added to that, they learn outstanding coordination, balance, flexibility, exceptional physical fitness, alertness and all this, developed in a pleasant, friendly and family training environment.”

Efficient and accessible

Contrary to popular belief, kickboxing is accessible to everyone. No need to be in great shape, ultra-flexible or Mr. or Mrs. Muscle. Kickboxing is a martial art that is practised with respect and appreciation for differences. “In terms of motor skills, what is important is to progress from your initial condition. This is why a relaxed and non-competitive training atmosphere is essential, as everyone helps, supports and motivates one another,” adds Mr. Giroux. There is a competitive component on the local, provincial, national and global scene, but it represents only 5% of kickboxers.

“95% of people kickbox for their cardiovascular health, muscle toning, energy, wellness, weight loss, flexibility and personal discipline,” emphasizes instructor Martin Cantin.

So start getting in shape today!

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